Chatteris Museum
20th century

Rattle with metal clappers, woven from reeds.

Private Collector
20th century

Modern doll with a ceramic face, hands and feet and a fabric body.

University of Cambridge Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology
Probably early 20th century

Six marbles made from different coloured glass. Marbles as we know them today came to Britain in... [Read more...]

Museum of Cambridge

Materials used to make toys were in short supply during the First World War so children and... [Read more...]

Chatteris Museum, from the Neville Angell estate
1930s - 1950s

Tin was first used to make toys in the mid-nineteenth century. It was hardwearing and cheap to... [Read more...]

University of Cambridge Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology

Photograph of young boy with a toucan holding a small bow and arrows used to hunt small birds.... [Read more...]

Museum of Cambridge
20th century

Quarter-sized bricks such as this were used during apprenticeship classes at Cambridgeshire... [Read more...]


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